About Go Business+

Go Business+ is a business to business platform offering the best corporate rates on business products from the world’s leading brands. 

Go Business+'s goal is to help your business save time and money, so you can focus your energy on growing your business instead of finding and negotiating with suppliers.

By working together with Mastercard, we've been able to bring a competitive edge to businesses by providing access to amazing deals for Mastercard business and corporate card holders from some of the regions top suppliers that can reduce your OPEX Company wide.

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Membership to Go Business+ is completely free - No membership fees. No transaction fees. All you need to sign up is a Mastercard business or corporate card and you can access all the deals and partners we have available.

What do we mean by corporate rates?

In short, you save money. All of our business partners are giving Go Business+'s members access to the very best corporate rates available. Most companies have different prices depending on how much business you do with them. Go Business+ has agreed with all of our suppliers to give you the same prices as their biggest accounts. That means that you pay the same per unit pricing levels as the biggest companies in the region. 

The Selection Process

We have very strict screening criteria and take great care in curating the world’s top business to business brands to offer your business an unsurpassed supplier network and business edge. We work only with the best out there and want you to know our partners are companies you can depend on.


Go Business+ team is here to answer all of your questions and provide that extra level of service and support you need when sourcing your business to business suppliers and employee benefits


We understand how valuable your business is to you, and you are as important to us as your business is to you. We promise to work hand in hand to support your growth for years to come. That being said, if there are any services that you'd like us to add never hesitate to drop us an email at support@gobusinessplus.com

Future Members

If you are not currently a Mastercard business and corporate card holder and wish to benefit from this service, kindly speak to your bank about how you can get a Mastercard business card.

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