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"I hear and forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand" (Confucius)

Building on skills, reflecting, making sure you retain learnings AP Development Journeys help develop and sustain a high-performing organization through highly-performing people. Rooted in our long-term approach and value of sustainability, we customize and administer our signature talent development journeys as a mix of classroom and on-the-job training.

Our approach:

  • World-class faculty: Our faculty comes from top consulting firms (e.g., McKinsey) and business schools (e.g., Harvard Business School)
  • Tailor-made: Through a modular approach, each journey is customized to your and your organization’s needs
  • Do, don’t just listen: We provide more than classroom training. Proven, interactive tools, workshops, on-the-job projects, and 1:1 coaching guarantee that we make the most of everyone’s development journey and your team puts learning into practice
  • Result-driven: We align on KPIs before the talent development journey and measure the impact, both on a quantitative and qualitative level
Grouped product items
Executive Package
Market Rate From: 8.90 | The Go Business+ Rate From: 6,400.00

Additional Info:

Access to all modules across all skillsets, in person coaching, billed monthly

Essential Monthly Package
Market Rate From: 5,900.00 | The Go Business+ Rate From: 4,400.00

Additional Info:

Acess to all modules across all skillsets, per month

Essential Skillset Package
Market Rate From: 17,700.00 | The Go Business+ Rate From: 13,200.00

Additional Info:

Access to all modules within one skillset, one-time charge for all modules within a skillset

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About this b2b Partner - AP Partners

AP Partners was founded by two former McKinsey consultants, building off their passion for enabling positive, sustainable change in the GCC and with the aim is to become the leading partners in transforming people and organizations. Since founding AP Partners, the company has received overwhelming support from private and public sector institutions in the region and supported the development of hundreds of employees.  

Why AP Partners? 

  • Experience – A decade of expertise in talent transformations – both from an academic as well as a professional standpoint. The leadership team and coaches are from top universities (e.g., HBS) and top-tier management consulting firms (e.g., McKinsey). 

  • Measurable impact – At the beginning of each journey, AP Partners will define measurable KPIs for success with you. The progress along these KPIs will be measured at midpoints and at the end of every participants development journey. 

  • Sustainability – AP Partners delivers sustainable development journeys for their clients, with new capabilities and habits that will remain in place long after the trainings. 

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