Meet Up Call - Occasional Plan

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Meet Up Call - Occasional Plan

Market Rate: 1.25 | The Go Business+ Rate: 1.12
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Go Business+ Rate AED1.12

About this b2b Partner - MeetUpCall

Why meetupcall? It’s simple. Meetupcall is a SaaS based product, meaning it is simple to get started and use, with no site visits, no installation costs and no hassle and it is easy to get started straight away. Once you sign up, just start using the product immediately. All phone calls are reliable & secure

Meetupcall is a dedicated conference call service – a more secure and reliable alternative for businesses than ‘free’ services such as Skype. Sign-up for a free trial and save 10% on your monthly plan with Go Business+. All customers have the opportunity to for test the service – arrange, join and manage a call – FREE for 14 days

Brand the service as your own, allowing you to give the impression of having you own dedicated conference call service. As there is no infrastructure to put in place, you can get started straight away. Add or remove users and make any other changes you require. All changes are made instantly

Geographically separate data centres, with over 99.99% uptime for the last 12 months provide you the security you need. Secure conference call ID’s for each attendee, unique for every call and call recording features are available.

Beyond that you can take advantage of features like call me when it starts. MeetUpCall will call attendees at the start time and place them directly in to the conference. Access to over 100 dial-in numbers in more than 70 countries, worldwide

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