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tajawal ensures that customers enjoy a product that is responsive, intuitive, and impossible to travel without. tajawal believes in turning the travel booking process into a visually appealing experience with app and web portals that are a pleasure to use.

About this b2b Partner - tajawal

tajawal is your world-class online travel platform for trips from and within the Middle East. A collaboration between some of the top minds in the industry, tajawal is the answer to all your travel requirements, presenting you with a convenient booking experience for thousands of flight connections and more than 1 million hotels all around the world.

tajawal is by no means exclusive to the Middle East, but we do have a special fondness for our community in the region and we cater to our user's discerning needs: from family-friendly destinations that offer halal cuisine, to private beaches and villas for our privacy-conscious travelers, we are more than just a flight and hotel comparison website - we are the place you come to, when you’re looking for inspiration, tips and comforts that will help you make the most of your trip.

We know how to make travel exciting and accessible, offering price comparisons, discounts and special deals for travel to near and far away destinations. From business trips to family vacations, tajawal will turn every travel plan into reality in a few simple steps. Browse for hotels, flights and more on our website, or use our state-of-the-art app to book your next trip with tajawal.

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