Visa and PRO services

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Visa and PRO services

Magus Consulting are offering members of Go Business Plus 10% of their corporate, government and personal support services. Their services include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • UAE Employment Visas
  • UAE Family and Domestic Worker Residence Visas
  • Medical Fitness Test & Emirates ID Chauffeur & Chaperone Service
  • Worldwide Attestation (Personal and Corporate Documents)
  • Document Translation
  • UAE Driving License Conversions

*Go Business Plus’s discounted rate is applicable to professional fees only- government fees will be additionally charged

About this b2b Partner - magus

Magus Consulting are corporate service providers who provide company set-up, employment and residence visa services, document attestation/translation services and general PRO services throughout the UAE. The team ensure their clients are provided with the best advice in accordance to their specific requirements and are on hand to advise and guide you through what could otherwise be a tedious process. The challenge often faced with doing business in the UAE is the lack of accurate information available, or even more frustratingly- the conflicting information commonly provided. Rules here change on a regular basis, so research of this kind is difficult to achieve online. The team at Magus will ensure you are provided with the correct information and guidance based on your specific requirements- ensuring your time is better spent focusing on your core businesses.

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