1 What is Go Business+?

  • Go Business+ is a business to business platform that offers your business discounts that you can use to reduce your OPEX and employee benefits that you can share with staff

2 Who can access Go Business+ platform?

  • Go Business+ platform is accessible only to Mastercard business and corporate card holders. If you are not currently a Mastercard business or corporate card holder customer please visit your banking partner request a new card to unlock access to Go Business+ platform for your business

3 How do we register to Go Business+?

  • You can register to Go Business+ by completing the sign-up form and confirming the first 6 digits of your Mastercard corporate or business card. Once you submit your request, your account will be confirmed and you will have access to all of the Go Business+ deals available.

4 What payment options are available?

  • Payments are not made on Go Business+. Go Business+ creates accounts and unlocks offers with our partners that you can use at pre-negotiated rates. All payments and contracts will be directly with partners you choose to work with.

5 How do we ensure that our business is getting the advertised rates from the supplier network on Go Business+ platform?

  • All suppliers and partners are obliged by us, to offer the rates you see prior to being accepted into the platform. By selecting "Claim Now" on any offer you will automatically be connected to that partner and they will be notified that you are Go Business+ member. Additionally, we only work with the best out there in the market and go through stringent screening criteria prior to accepting their participation to guarantee an unsurpassed partner experience  

6 We want access to the platform but not currently active Mastercard business customers, what should we do?

  • Please visit your issuing bank and ask about what Mastercard business or corporate products you qualify for. Once you have your card you can sign up to Go Business+ and unlock access all of the available benefits.

7 Can the rates be negotiated?

  • All rates shown on Go Business+ platform are exclusive to Mastercard customers and are offered with guaranteed by our partners. You are offered these rates because you are part of a substantial pool of businesses buying products from the same supplier on a monthly basis. All prices offered are already negotiated and are not subject to any further reductions regardless of the size of your purchase

8 We would like to join the platform as a supplier.

  • Please send us an email introducing yourself, and your business to support@gobusinessplus.com

9 How can we reset our password?

  • You can reset your password by clicking on the reset password option available on the login page

10 How do we contact Go Business+ team?

  • You can contact Go Business+ team anytime by sending us an email on support@gobusinessplus.com

11 How do we contact a specific supplier on Go Business+ supplier network?

  • We would be happy to connect you with any of our suppliers. Please fill out a form on our contact center or email us directly at support@gobusinessplus.com with a short message and we are more than happy to help you out.
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